17-Point Resolution of Central Council Meeting

The first Central Council meeting of the CPN (Unified Socialist) held on June 26-27, 2022, at Pragya Bhawan Kamaladi in Kathmandu was concluded by adopting 17-point contemporary resolutions. The Chairman, Comrade Madhav Kumar Nepal, presented the political and organizational report at the meeting. After extensive discussion among the 11 groups formed to discuss it, the report was approved at the meeting with suggestions.  In addition, a 17-point resolution of national and international significance was also adopted by the meeting. In the meeting, a comprehensive discussion was held regarding the review of the local level elections and the need for a five-party left and democratic alliance, which is stated in the press note issued by the General Secretary, Dr. Beduram Bhusal. The special action plan for an organization building and the preparation plans for the upcoming federal and provincial assembly elections were adopted at the meeting. The following are the 17-point contemporary resolutions adopted by the meeting.

  1. The meeting strongly demands the government control the price hike of daily consumables and arrange supply at a reasonable price, as the prices of daily necessities have increased tremendously, making the daily life of the people difficult. However, we also commend the government’s recent decision to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel while the price hike
  2. This meeting calls on the government to arrange the supply of fertilizers and seeds to the farmers in an easy way without delay, as during the farming season there is always an extreme shortage in the supply of fertilizers and seeds.
  3. This meeting strongly condemns the crimes of sexual violence and gang rape against women and girls occurring in different places in the country. Demanding strict legal action against the criminals involved in such heinous crimes, we further demand the government for proper protection, treatment, rehabilitation, and compensation as well as guarantee safe and dignified social life for the victimized women and girls.
  4. The meeting draws the attention of the government to pay attention to the mitigation of natural disasters, adequate disaster management preparedness, as well as all necessary preparation for possible search, rescue, and relief operations as heavy rainfall are predicted this year. Moreover, we further appeal to the entire party line to be ready for search, rescue, and relief if necessary for possible disasters and their management.
  5. The meeting demands the GoN to take the flood/inundation problem critically faced by the Terai region of Nepal every year due to the construction of dams by India near the border of Nepal and urges the government to initiate a sustainable solution through dialogue with India.
  6. The meeting, as per the people’s will, demands the concerned agencies and the government to investigate corruption in all parts and levels of the state and take action against them, as the corrupt, petty bourgeoisie, and comprador have gained influence in all parts of the state.
  7. The meeting appeals to identify genuine squatters without delay and to initiate a permanent solution effectively by the reconstituted land-related problem-solving commission formed to solve the long-standing squatter problem.
  8. This meeting draws the attention of the government to enact laws related to the citizenship act (to provide citizenship to genuine Nepalese citizens); the law relating to managing federalism administratively through the law to systematize public service or work and roles between all three levels of government without delay.
  9. The meeting demands the government and concerned agencies take preventive measures to widen public awareness of the prevention of diarrhoea and to make proper arrangements for the treatment of patients as outbreaks of diarrhoea have started appearing in some places in the country, including the Kathmandu Valley.
  10. The western hegemonic powers, including the United State’s effort to dominate Ukraine by creating security sensitivities, have erupted into a war between Russia and Ukraine. This war has had a serious impact on world peace. This war has created a humanitarian crisis, an economic recession, price hikes, and a food crisis in the entire world. Therefore, the meeting strongly appeals to the warring parties for an immediate ceasefire and to resolve the problem through dialogue to maintain lasting peace.
  11. Nepal has adopted a non-aligned foreign policy to safeguard national interests, territorial integrity, and sovereignty. Nepal is committed to maintaining harmonious relations with its neighbors and all other countries for mutual benefit based on the principles of Panchsheel and the Charter of the United Nations. Nepal can’t be involved in military alliances, defense strategy, and security planning. Against this background, this meeting expresses gratitude to the government for sending a letter to the United States of America with the decision that Nepal will not join the State Partnership Program (SPP) as per the decision of the ruling coalition.
  12. This meeting earnestly appeals to all the revolutionaries, the communist and left-wing forces who have embraced the ideas and political direction of Marxism-Leninism but are fractionated into various parties and groups, to be united to defend the communist movement and advance towards the goals of the socialist revolution and to move in the direction of building a unified party.
  13. This meeting urges all the left-wing forces embracing the socialist agenda to unite in the national interest, democracy, socio-economic transformation, federalism, secularism, and safeguarding of the constitution.
  14. Being cautious of the situation where democracy, federalism, secularism, the constitution, and the sovereignty of the people may be attacked by reactionaries, revivalists, and right-wing parties, this meeting calls on all the democratic forces, including the parties in the left-democratic alliance to unite.
  15. This meeting congratulates all the municipal chiefs, deputy chiefs, presidents, vice presidents, ward presidents, ward members, and district coordination committee officials and members who won the local level elections and wishes them a successful tenure. Furthermore, we extend gratitude to all agencies and individuals, including the Election Commission, government agencies, and security agencies who contributed to the success of the local-level elections.
  16. It demands the government end all forms of discrimination against people with disabilities and take the necessary legal measures to ensure their quality of life.
  17. We demand the government bring perpetrators to justice and mobilize the entire party line to make the campaign against caste discrimination and untouchability successful.

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