A Coalition Government is Necessary for the Stability in the Country – Jhala Nath Khanal

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The respected leader of the CPN (Unified Socialist) Jhalanath Khanal, emphasized that the government should be formed by the alliance formed for the protection of political achievements, political sustainability, and stability in the country. Addressing the program of congratulating and wishing the newly elected MPs at the Central Office of the CPN (United Socialist) Aloknagar on Monday, leader Khanal said that people’s representatives should play a role in establishing people’s rights by adopting the ideals adopted by the party. According to Khanal, the formation of a left-wing government is impossible because the UML leadership has shattered the foundation for such a government. Khanal said that the possibility of the left democratic forces forming the government is the highest. “Now there is a hung parliament.” No party has a majority. People did not trust any big party. People gave the parties the authority to collaborate and consult with one another.

“Let us elect the leader of the parliamentary party as soon as possible and move forward with a consensus to form the government,” said Leader Khanal. He further emphasized that even though there is a small parliament, the party should move forward in a sharp, and targeted manner. He added that the CPN (Unified Socialist) needs to join the government based on policies and programs. We have to raise the question of nationality in the house with a loud voice. Even if there are few MPs, we can move in a socialist direction. “Let us work in a sharp and targeted manner,” he emphasized. Based on the work done in five years, he has expressed the opinion that the CPN (Unified Socialist) should become the number one party in the country in the upcoming elections. Khanal pointed out that it is a party that has revolted with the CPN (UML) faction and should proceed with revolutionary policies and principles rather than opportunism and nepotism.

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