Foreign Policy of the Party

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  1. To expand international networks and mutual relations by prioritizing the national interest of Nepal.
  2. To develop fraternal relations with all the communist parties of the world.
  3. To expand contacts and mutual relations with all the socialist parties of different countries in the world and with the democratic parties who seek friendship with our party.
  4. To promote mutual relations and cooperation with all parties based on the principles of independence, equality, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, and mutual assistance.
  5. To raise a voice against unjust wars, foreign interventions, and attacks in different parts of the world.
  6. To oppose imperialism, hegemonism, military alliances, power politics, and factionalism.
  7. To support the just struggles of a global community of the world, the national liberation movements, and the social liberation movements.
  8. To move forward with people, progressive parties, and countries around the world for an equal and just world order.
  9. To take concrete steps to develop our country’s international relations based on the principles of non-alignment, peace, equality, mutual assistance, Panchsheel, the principles of the United Nations Charter, and economic diplomacy.
  10. To further strengthen ties with neighboring friendly countries.

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