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The Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Socialist) is a political party that represents the interests of the Nepalese proletariat. It is the present form of the Communist Party of Nepal, which was established on April 22, 1949, and has been fighting for nationalism, democracy, and the livelihood of the people. The general goals and objectives of this party are the aims of the Communist Party of Nepal that have been expressed since its inception to establish scientific socialism via a democratic phase through the termination of comprador bureaucratic capitalist and imperialist exploitation, repression, and oppression based on class, caste, gender, language, and culture in Nepalese society; to reach a democratic phase by ending feudalism; and to establish a free society with happy and prosperous people. Only a few of these goals have been achieved, and much remains to be done. The CPN (Unified Socialist) is committed to the struggle to achieve all these goals.

The immediate goal of this party is to build on the foundation of socialism with social justice and democratic values ​​by defending the achievements of the revolution and developing national capital alongside the economic and socio-cultural transformation of the country by peaceful and democratic means. This political group is in favour of social harmony and a united country and is opposed to all forms of reactionism, opportunism, and narrow-mindedness. It will be the duty of this party to fight for the end of all forms of exploitation, oppression, injustice, tyranny, inequality, and discrimination, and to selflessly devote itself to the service of the nation, the people, and the revolution by maintaining close relations with the country.

The guiding principle of CPN (Unified Socialist) is Marxism-Leninism. Marxism-Leninism is the scientific worldview of the revolutionary character and the guiding principle of working-class emancipation and social change. Its fundamental theoretical propositions, such as the dialectical materialist worldview, the transformational approach, the working-class favouring approach, the approach to people’s sovereignty, and the approach to uniformity between theory and practice, are just as relevant today. However, Marxism is a dynamic scientific theory, not a mechanical orthodoxy. So, it is and should be used creatively. Comrade Pushpalal, the pioneer of the attempt to use Marxism in Nepal, proposed the idea of ​​creative use of Marxism, and the people’s leader, Comrade Madan Bhandari, explained it in detail in his theory of People’s Multi-party Democracy. We are fully committed to the idea of the ​​constructive use of Marxism presented by our leaders. Success in today’s situation is possible only if the ideas of Marxism are revolutionarily adapted in line with the specific conditions of the country, not by imitating the old models of Marxism.

CPN (Unified Socialist) is a people-oriented cadres’-based party. Its organizational theory, i.e., the principle of party formation and operation, is the Leninist theory of democratic centralism. The party will have a balance of democracy and centralism, i.e., internal democracy and discipline. This party will be policy-oriented, not leader-oriented. The party will function based on collective leadership and individual responsibility. Individuals will be subordinate to the committee, and the minority will be subordinate to the majority. The majority will respect the minority, and the lower committees will be subordinate to the upper committees. All party committees and mass organizations will be organized and mobilized according to these organizational principles and procedures. Sovereign rights of the party shall be vested in the organized members of the party and shall be exercised by the constitution of the party. All party committees will be inclusive. Youth will be given their due place in all party committees. All members of this party will play a leading role in the field of ideas, organization, struggle, and creativity by participating in the production struggles, class struggles, and scientific experimentations for socio-economic and cultural change. They will remain dedicated to the unity and progress of the party by being active in public affairs and productive work. All the members of the party will be people-oriented, well-organized, united, disciplined, dynamic, and vigorous to carry forward the communist movement of the country with democratic and revolutionary essence and to achieve the specified goals and objectives of the Nepalese revolution.

The strategic goal of this party is scientific socialism with democratic values. This party believes in achieving excellence through peaceful competition. The party is committed to the universal values ​​of modern democracy, such as the supremacy of the constitution, the rule of law, a guarantee of human rights and fundamental rights, the principle of separation of powers, a pluralistic open society, multi-party competition, periodic elections, the inclusive participation of elected representatives, and the constitutional provision of opposition, and it desires to move forward in the direction of socialism by protecting and further developing the values ​​of multi-party democracy.

The party will pursue an independent foreign policy based on the United Nations Charter, the principles of Panchsheel, and non-alignment, and will remain firmly committed to the protection and promotion of national interests. The party believes in maintaining good relations with all countries of the world, including the international community and its neighbors, based on mutual equality, respect, and mutual benefit. This party aims to build a prosperous society with an advanced civilization based on national interest, national security, national unity, and patriotism, leading to political stability, lasting peace, good governance, and prosperity. All the activities of this party will be focused on the best interests of Nepal and the Nepalese people.

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