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Today, the country needs a party to campaign for the progress of society. Society needs a party that takes it in the socialist direction, not imprisons it in the capitalist circle. What is needed is an ideological party, not an individualist one. We need a party to fight against irrational anomalies like corruption, misgovernance, the commission system, nepotism, and consumerism. We need a party to campaign to end all kinds of discrimination, malpractices, and superstitions in society. The Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Socialist) will be the party that will meet these needs. This will be a party that has embraced socialist action. It will be a party that will run in an institutionalized manner based on clear policy, procedures, and systems. It will be a policy-oriented party and not a leader-oriented party; it will be an ideological party, not an individualist one. It will wage a struggle against corruption, misgovernance, the commission system, nepotism, and consumerism. It will campaign to end discrimination on all grounds in society, including class, caste, gender, linguistics, religion, and culture. It will conduct political awareness campaigns and public awareness campaigns. Youth will be mobilized in all these activities, and their leadership will be developed through such initiatives. This party will not only be a party based on winning elections, but a party based on winning the hearts of the people with a people-cantered policy.

A system of well-managed guardianship and performance will be created to implement the slogan of “Respect for the Elders, Executive Responsibility for Youth” by setting up a “Senior Communist Forum” at local levels to promote youth in the organization. A significant number of youths will be appointed to each committee of the party. A scientific method of delegating responsibility, evaluating work, and promotion at every level will be developed and followed.

With regards to the provision of state responsibilities, candidates shall be proposed based on clear criteria for the party’s candidate at each level of elections. The Party Committee will evaluate the work progress and effectiveness of each elected official by formulating systematic parameters internally. This assessment will be made public up to a certain level.

Political and other appointments will be made based on merit by adopting certain well-managed transparent criteria and systems. The progress and effectiveness of work will be assessed by creating internally systematic criteria for individuals appointed thereto. This assessment will also be made public to some extent.

The party will be associated with production. A policy would be adopted to compulsorily involve all the members of the party in production except for a certain number of full-time leaders and cadres. A system of planning will be established for each committee for financial mobilization and management. The budget, along with the annual plan, should be prepared and passed at the meeting of the committee. Arrangements will be made to prepare a budget for special programs and campaigns and to spend it and get approval from the committee.

A system will be set up for each committee to run party schools and training campaigns. Each committee should organize party school/training at least twice a year. Apart from theoretical and ideological issues, the party school/training will also cover issues of entrepreneurship development, productivity enhancement, job creation, and development of the national capital; corruption prevention, good governance, and other issues of public interest. To make each committee accountable to the public, the party will prepare a local-level public facilitator and will provide necessary training. He/she will be mobilized in the service of the people through toll-free numbers.

Major Responsibility

The line of action of revolution is determined based on the immediate character of society. The basic character of Nepali society has changed with the establishment of the federal democratic republic with proportional inclusion and secularism that marked the end of the feudal monarchy, weakened by seven decades of people’s struggle, by the peaceful people’s revolution of 2006. The analysis made by the Ninth National General Convention of the then CPN (UML) on the change in the character of Nepali society after the peaceful mass revolution of 2006 and on the basic course of the revolution is fundamentally correct. We will move forward based on the same analysis, in the direction of the socialist revolution and on the journey of socialism.

The present Nepalese society is fundamentally capitalist, with a few remnants of feudalism remaining. Capitalism is the root cause of the present exploitation in Nepalese society, and capitalism has a comprador bureaucratic character. At this time, the struggle between the pro-social forces and the opposing forces has become the major struggle of Nepalese society. Our main action at the moment to resolve this great contradiction is to move towards socialism by focusing on the forces opposing the socialist revolution. Now, our destination is scientific socialism, a socialism of democratic values ​​and inclusive character.

The immediate major responsibility of the party is to campaign for the creation of a prosperous Nepal based on an independent national economy by fighting against the oppression and tyranny of imperialist capitalist exploitation and interference and to campaign for socio-cultural change for the eradication of all remnants of feudalism, including economic exploitation, social evils, superstition, and conservatism. The party aims to achieve the socialism-oriented system enshrined in the Constitution of Nepal through socio-economic and cultural transformation by strengthening nationalism, democracy, and social justice while protecting and developing the achievements of all people’s struggles, movements, and revolutions to date. It will move in that direction and establish scientific socialism with the determination to achieve this great goal.

Immediate Responsibilities

Every revolutionary movement has immediate responsibilities that correspond to its basic line of immediate action. The immediate responsibilities are mainly ideological, political, and organizational. These ideological, political, and organizational actions of ours will be explained in detail in the documents to be presented at the national convention of the party shortly. For the time being, they will take on the following types:


One of our important responsibilities today is to protect the Nepalese communist movement. The communist movement cannot be defended without defeating the misconceptions and distortions prevalent today. This is achieved only through ideological struggle, i.e., study, debate, discussion, etc. Therefore, our ideological responsibility at this time is to conduct extensive political and theoretical studies and training. For this purpose, various types of study materials will be prepared along with party documents; party schools will be run regularly; the policy documents put forward by the party will be subject to discussion and scrutiny; various interactive programs will be organized; and feedback will be given due importance. Another important ideological task would be to clear up the confusion spread by the KP Oli faction and expose its anti-national, anti-people, and anti-democratic activities, corruption, and regression. Social awareness campaigns will be conducted to eradicate superstitions and bad customs prevalent in society. The party will take the lead in raising public awareness against crimes such as caste discrimination, untouchability, and violence against women. Campaigns will also be launched against superstitions, bad customs, and perverse anomalies through the medium of literature like informative drama, songs, and poetry.


Our main political responsibility at this time is to protect and advance the democracy established by the struggle of the Nepalese people and to move towards socialism. For this purpose, the constitution made by the Nepalese people through their representatives should be protected and implemented fully. We will continue to strive for this with the utmost sincerity. Corruption, nepotism, compradors, buying and selling of political posts, etc., so prevalent in politics today, have spread disenchantment and repulsion in society with regards to politics in general. It is necessary to run a political awareness campaign against corruption, misgovernance, bribery, commission system, nepotism, etc. to correct the course of politics by removing this repulsion. Political awareness and correction campaigns will be launched by involving the aware youth of the country. A political correctness drive will be conducted to develop youth leadership by giving responsibility to the youth at various levels of the party and through active participation of youth in politics. That campaign will also contribute to cleaning up the country’s tarnished political climate and to cleaning up our possible misconduct. One of our most important political tasks is to maintain the current Left Democratic Alliance, at least for the full term of the current House of Representatives and the upcoming elections, and to serve the people by running a government based on consensus and cooperation.  One of the important political tasks today is to develop the spirit of cooperation among the leftist forces and to form the foundation of party unity by forming a front. Developing relations with neighbors and all friendly nations based on mutual respect and equality is another important political task at this time. There exists a feeling that the situation has not changed even though the system has changed, because the socio-economic sector has not changed in line with the change in the political sphere. To address this, it is necessary to launch a campaign for socio-economic change. We should and will lead that campaign. A large number of skilled youths in the country are forced to go abroad due to the lack of employment opportunities in the country. It is necessary to create an environment for the youth to participate in the development campaign in the country. That need can be met only by creating more employment opportunities, for which it is imperative to run big projects. A campaign will be launched for the establishment of industries based on indigenous raw materials and for the modernization, commercialization, and marketing of agriculture. The sale of agricultural products will be guaranteed and necessary planning will be done for this end. A comprehensive cooperative campaign will be launched. Various programs will be organized for self-employment promotion. The knowledge, skills, experience, and capital of the Nepalese diaspora will be mobilized for the national development campaign. The party will politically lead such campaigns by involving the concerned individuals. A public awareness campaign will be launched against climate change, biological imbalance, and environmental pollution. Along with this, a campaign will be launched to provide relief to the people impacted by disasters, emphasizing disaster risk reduction.


Our present organizational task is to reorganize and transform the Communist Party. That work will be taken forward by holding a national convention. The formation and reorganization of current party committees will be conducted as a campaign for some time, and a party membership distribution campaign will be started. After the formation of the committees, the reorganization and distribution of the party members are fundamentally completed, we will proceed by holding conventions of the local party committees. The work of forming mass organizations, professional organizations, community organizations, and expatriate organizations associated with the party will also be expedited. All the strength of the party will be put into the organizational expansion campaign. Individualism is a seriously negative trend in parties today. Parties have become like a private company of individuals, operating arbitrarily based on the personal wishes of the leaders. This situation must end. For this, the working procedures of the party should be established in an institutionalized manner based on the policy, procedures, and accepted processes. We will establish these procedures and bring about a behaviour change. The party will be established as a patriotic and self-respecting political force. The party will be established as the watchdog of democracy, socialism, and the nation while defending all its achievements so far. It will be re-established and run dynamically as a revolutionary party representing the interests of the working class. The party will be kept free from extreme evils and discrepancies that have crept up in the Communist movement of Nepal. A cadre line will be formed dedicated to selflessness, self-reliance, public service, democracy, and socialism. Since the financial aspect also plays an important role in the formation and operation of the party, a fund-raising campaign will be launched to form the party’s financial corpus. The main economic base of our party’s operation will be the levies and membership fees received from the cadres and the voluntary support received from supporters, volunteers, and the general public, and will be supplemented through special fundraising organized at the grassroots level. Party levy and membership fee will be regularized. Lack of financial cleanliness and transparency is another weakness of parties. We will conduct financial activities cleanly and transparently following financial discipline so that this weak side cannot be allowed to remain. We will conduct every event and activity of the party economically. Every leader and cadre of the party will be required to lead a life based on simple living and high thinking.

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