Our Revolt is Just, Progressive, Revolutionary and Rational

– Jhala Nath Khanal
Respected Leader and Chief of International Department, CPN (Unified Socialist)

The Nepalese communist movement and revolution are moving in a  new direction.  The capitalist democratic revolution was completed in Nepal. Now we have entered a new era of socialist revolution and transformation. Therefore, the Nepalese revolution should be carried forward by developing the great scientific theory of Marxism-Leninism according to the current objective reality, implementing the socialist revolution, and developing the correct lines, policies, principles, and programs.   

What kind of organization can be considered a communist group in this new era?  

  1. One that considers Marxism and Leninism as the guiding principle.  
  2. One that opposes comprador capitalism, imperialism, and hegemonism.  
  3. One that walks firmly on the path of socialist revolution and socialist transformation to establish scientific socialism.

Why did we have to revolt?

  1. Since the party is led by a  right-wing opportunist clique and they only carried out the activities of party-wide factionalism.  
  2. Since the ideological and political development and transformation of the party have been stalled by the leadership. 
  3. Because the  KP  Oli faction has started favoring individual interests,  suffrage their own faction, and sidelined other cadres in the party.  
  4. Because the  KP  Oli faction has rejected the new era of socialist revolution and transformation in the country.    
  5. Because the two-thirds majority in the government given by the people in the last election was repeatedly destroyed.  
  6. Because the party once united was split again through an ordinance of the Supreme Court.  
  7. Because the CPN (UML) was made a factional party.  Since it is impossible to move towards socialism under the factional leadership of the  UML.
  8. Because a  completely right-wing analysis of the  Nepali  Revolution, of the character of Nepali society,  which is now the guiding goal of the party,  and a  completely right-wing analysis of party theory about revolution were put forward.  
  9. Because it is impossible to move towards socialism under the leadership of  the  UML leadership faction.  

Revolt is not destruction or partition  

  1. Revolt is always against the status quo and regression.
  2. Revolt is always about innovation.
  3. Revolt is always in favor of new construction.  
  4. Revolt is always against the tendency to impede power and progress.
  5. Revolt is for revolutionary transformation.  
  6. Revolt always breaks a  system and order in order to develop a new system and method.  So our revolt is just, progressive and revolutionary.
  7. Sometimes it is necessary to revolt against one’s own organization. For examples First International  Revolt,  Second  International  Revolt,  Paris  Revolt,  October  Revolt, Darbhanga  Revolt, Jhapa  Revolt, etc.

Our Responsibilities

  1. We must deepen ideological and theoretical study, debate, and discussion within leadership. 
  2. We must deeply understand the fact that we have already passed the first phase of the Nepalese revolution and we have historically entered a  second phase.  It should be understood and explained that the lines,  policies,  principles, and goals of the second phase of the revolution are qualitatively different from those of the previous phase of the revolution.  
  3. We need to start afresh,  emancipating our minds from some perceived urges or prejudices of the past. 
  4. When the time comes,  we should make a  comprehensive evaluation of our historical experiences of the 72  years communist movement and decide the way forward.  
  5. We must stand on a  new ideological basis and organize a  party-wide intensive training program. So that we could develop a specific theoretical contingent.
  6. The issues of right-wing opportunism, factionalism, egoism,  individualism,  liquidationism, and capitalism existing in the  KP  Oli clique of the  CPN  (UML)  must be thoroughly criticized via ideological discourse.  The communist rank and file must be freed from the illusions spread by this clique.
  7. In the process of deepening,  widening, and intensifying such ideological struggle, there will be a new wave of party unity and the basis for the formation of a unified party will be formed.
  8. As we embark on a new path, we must free ourselves from bourgeois parliamentarism and firmly adhere to the Marxist-Leninist tactic of revolutionary parliamentarism.
  9. We should be able to keep our party free from all kinds of factional activities from the very beginning. Those who have separated from UML are present at the party. By making free from factionalism, we have to move forward with a commitment to build a unified, policy-oriented, principled, and law-abiding party.
  10. All mass organizations of the party should now be transformed into democratic, patriotic, progressive, and socialist organizations.
  11. At this time, the party should focus on expanding to build municipal party committees, expanding ward party committees, and running a nationwide campaign for party membership.
  12. Comprehensive reform should be done in the working style of the party.
    – To promote the spirit of serving the people and the nation.
    – Maintaining unity between principles and practices.
    – Working closely with the general people and workers.
    – Criticism and self-criticism will be applied as a scientific weapon to eradicate the erroneous views and tendencies that appear within the party.
    – To be free from the tendency of worshiping leadership for lustering of position, benefit, and personal interest and self-centered thinking and bureaucratic style of work.
    – To carry out an extensive ideological purification campaign within the party.
  13. Improving the style of study at the party.
    – To study Marxist theory in depth.
    – To study the developing situation in depth.
  14. – To study the history in depth –
    – By giving priority to the ideological and organizational work of the Party, we should efficiently link the potential development work in a different field.
  15. To advance the tasks of the people by combining with their daily needs and problems of their work.
  16. Elections are coming at different levels in which we have to prepare tactically for maximum participation and success.
  17. To strive to expand the alliances up to grass root levels.
  18. To resolutely adopt the tactic of isolating right-wing reactionary groups.
  19. To promote our party, CPN (Unified Socialist), is a nationwide, people-based, consolidated revolutionary, and forward-moving party.

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