Rights & Duties of the Department

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Rights and duties of the department (according to Part 7, section 16 of CPN (Unified Socialist) rules-2078)

  1. The departments will be part of the concerned party committee to assist in the formulation and implementation of policies and plans.
  2. It will be accountable to the party committee and submit its work plan and report to it.
  3. The departments will carry out the work specified by the concerned committee.

Specific rights and duties of the international departments (according to part 7, section 17 (t) of CPN (Unified Socialist) rules-2078)

  1. To submit suggestions to the central committee of the party regarding the foreign policy of the party. 
  2. To take information about communists, socialists, leftists, workers and other parties of different countries, to keep records and to take initiative to develop relations with them. To exchange publications, experiences and ideas with them.
  3. To study and submit suggestions on important political events in the world.  
  4. To recommend names for the party’s participation in various international events and to make such visits as useful as possible in the interest of the party. The department shall receive written reports from those travelling abroad and keep their records.  
  5. To study and submit reports on the foreign policy of the government.  
  6. To edit and publish the English mouthpiece of the party.  
  7. To publish party documents, publications and information in foreign languages.

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