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The political scenario of Nepal is currently witnessing new developments. The new constitution was promulgated in 2015 by the Constitutional Assembly. In 2017, the first federal election was held after the promulgation of the constitution. The electoral unity between the two big communist parties, namely CPN (UML) and CPN (Maoist), got a landslide victory with an almost two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives and also a comfortable majority in 6 out of 7 provinces. At the same time, these two coalition parties won almost 60 percent of the seats in local elections. It was a great achievement and a victory for the communist movement in Nepal. This immense success is a historic achievement in the World Communist Movement itself. At that time, people had a high aspiration for political stability, good governance, comprehensive reform in the socio-economic structure, and rapid development in all sectors of the country. Unfortunately, the potential progress that this two-thirds majority could have created in the country has not been achieved because of the right-wing deviation, power-hungry unconstitutional activities, factionalism, and authoritarian characteristics of Mr. Oli, the then Prime Minister of the country. Mr. Oli failed to maintain the unity of the party and the smooth coalition between the parties in government. As a result, it introduces instability into the political process of the country and destroys people’s aspirations. 

Mr. Oli ultimately could not achieve the unification process of both the CPN (Maoist) and the CPN (UML), consequently leading to the loss of the majority in parliament. Mr. Oli had an ill intention of staying in government even after losing the majority in parliament and his erroneous regressive action of dissolving parliament unconstitutionally. However, through resolute legal battles at the Supreme Court and the people’s resistance to Mr. Oli’s act, the House of Representatives was successfully restored. Thereafter, the country’s constitution and democracy were protected, political and constitutional stability was restored, and ultimately led the country towards a normal development process. 

At the moment, the country’s politics is divided into two main streams. One of them, the undemocratic, authoritarian, and opportunistic right-wing faction, allied with pro-foreign and pro-monarchic forces, is led by the KP Oli faction. Another stream, the left and democratic unity, is represented by the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Socialist), the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre), the Nepali Congress, the Janata Samajwadi Party, and the Rashtriya Janamorcha. Although the social basis and class characteristics of the political parties involved in the left and democratic alliance are somewhat different, they have been cooperating in a united manner by agreeing to protect democracy, the constitution, and political stability in the country. Considering the present political situation, this political alliance and cooperation need to be continued in the future as well. We are participating in the federal and provincial governments, serving the people at our best. Our government stands firmly in support of nationalism, democracy, the livelihood of the people, social justice, equality, peace, and progress. We strongly oppose irregularities, delays, corruption, and opaque governance and commit ourselves to regularity, good governance, peacekeeping, agility, and transparency in all sincerity. 

We have already ushered on the stage of the socialist revolution. We have to correctly analyze the concrete situation of the country and combine the great principles of Marxism-Leninism creatively to develop the correct ideological and political line, policy, and principles of the Nepalese socialist revolution. Our party was formed on August 18, 2021. During that short period, our party expanded throughout the country. The central organizations, the central committee, central commissions, the central advisory committee, and central departments are already established. The provincial committees in the seven provinces have been formed in an organized manner. Similarly, in 77 out of 76 districts, we have already formed well-structured district committees. Likewise, at the grassroots level, our party is expanding rapidly among the people. Within our political ideology, around our party, the CPN (Unified Socialist), about 22 mass organizations have already been organized. Due to the rapid expansion of our party, the revolt within the UML clique is deepening and widening. Day by day, several revolutionary cadres within the UML are joining our party to participate in the correct ideological and political line, policy, and principles of the Nepalese revolution. At present, our party is consolidating and expanding itself in all respects. We are also trying to unite all the genuine communist, leftist, and democratic parties and forces into a functional unity along with a common democratic program and principles. As a result, the polarization between the anti-constitutional and regressive forces and the left-democratic and progressive forces is deepening in contemporary politics. Under these very circumstances, the country is heading toward a new election in the year 2022.

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